Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of hanging out with folks to talk about post-pandemic worship and church. Most of the conversations have been around “Hybrid Worship” and what that might look like.

Here are all of the links that I use for general reference:

Hybrid Church Presentation Slides:

Many of these slides presentations look familiar, but I do update and build on each one, so not only should you look at your event-specific show, but also the most recent one that has anything to do with Hybrid Worship.

Here is some background information as you are exploring the possibility of hybrid worship. This includes a few worksheets as well as a congregational survey.

Zoom Faith Facebook Group:

This is a group that began in March of 2020 and is focused on faith leaders who are using Zoom as their primary platform for gatherings.

Zoom Worship Lab

This is a group that meets monthly to talk about Zoom issues.