I have been coaching for the past decade-plus years mostly with pastors and church planters. In 2018 I also became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and I do most of my coaching via Convergence.

My approach to coaching is in line with most coaching philosophies in that it is my job to ask questions that will help you move towards the achievement of your goals. We set those goals together, we connect regularly, and I keep you accountable to those goals. We may adjust along the way, but my greatest success will be that you will, not only discover the talents that have lead you to this point, but that you will turn those talents into strengths that are used with more intention and consistency.

If you were to coach with me we would meet once a month over the phone or via Zoom video conferencing. We will briefly check-in, agree upon 2-3 topics that you want to address, and then the time is yours. I’ll ask questions, offer suggestions (if welcomed and appropriate), and guide our time so that you use it well. It is my hope that you look forward to our time rather than it being a burden that you HAVE to do.

General Coaching: I am available for a few new clients on such topics as Pastoral Leadership, Social Media, and Church Planting.

CliftonStrengths Coaching: If you are not familiar with Gallup’s CliftonStrengths (Previously known as StrengthsFinder, I offer introductory sessions as well as longer-term arrangements.

You can read more about my experience read reviews on LinkedIn.