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Musings about stuff

Back in this day this was also called “A Blog”:-)
Below are random ideas about all kinds of stuff personal and professional.

6 May

This past weekend we celebrated Abby’s 18th birthday and graduation by having a Filipina Debut. Often wedding-scaled, our was much more laid back, representative of our families nature, and organized by Abby and Annie. Parents, aunties, and uncles were…

17 Mar

As many of you have been hearing in the wind and blatant vague-booking, a big change for the RCP Family was a-coming. At last, we can fully share our news! This past Sunday, the congregation of First Presbyterian Church…

1 Mar

First, apologies for those of you have been getting all kinds of weird crap from this website. Without going into too much detail to taking up too much of your time, the short story is that I AM AN…