As a way to record some history, I am saving major updates from my Patreon space. Below is the description from my first major dive into Patreon posted in September of 2022. This was all taking place as I slowly made my way out of a season of rest and re-creation from Long Covid. While my future is still very much in process — Whose isn’t? — my next steps gained more clarity as Fall 2022 continued prompting another major update and ask.

I am so very grateful for those early adopters who have joined my Patreon world. As of October 14, 2022 117 people have signed up for a $510/month.

The next major update is due out by November 1, 2022.

Greeting all!
Welcome to my Patreon Page and thank you for considering becoming a Patron.

First, a little background — As many of you know, over the past three decades I have done my best to stay engaged in work that makes the world a better place. From pastoring congregations to working with not-for-profit organizations to writing, speaking, consulting, and coaching, this work has not only fed my soul, but has also provided me with a source of contributing income for my family. Over the years, I have been a full and part-time W-2 employee, an independent contractor, and a willing volunteer. My work and volunteer life have been deep and meaningful and I am glad to have met so many lovely humans along the way.

In 2019 I began the second half-century of my life and I felt called back to the church for one last significant position before my role in leadership naturally shifted. This landed me as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto where my commitment to faith and politics was and is deeply shared. Unfortunately, in 2021 I was hospitalized with a breakthrough case of COVID-19 and subsequently developed long covid. While it was an extremely difficult decision, in the spring of 2022 I resigned my position to free up the congregation to their work and to take time to tend to my own healing.

So here I am now — One Long Covid year later, I have come to a place where I do not anticipate heading back to a congregation or not-for-profit in any W-2 capacity. Plans are still taking shape, but for the immediate future, I will focus my energy on four main areas of professional expertise and personal excitement — all while doing my best to get into some good trouble along the way. Basically, what I have often been able to share with the world for free, I am now seeking your support to partner in expanding my content creation, information curation, and community building.

While I will hardly be any kind of “influencer” I feel that my voice is an important one to be part of conversations on faith, politics, technology, etc. Plus, I’m definitely getting cranky in the best possible ways in my commitment to blatantly work towards a world that exudes justice, kindness, wisdom, and artistry.

To this end, I will be focusing on the following areas —

  • The Written Word: Writing liturgy, poetry, opinion posts, and books. EG: Weekly WordBook Excerpts, etc.
  • The Amplified Body: Sharing voices, information, and movements across communities. EG: TwitterFB PageIG Stories, etc.
  • The Supported Community: Providing technical and emotional support for church workers and organizational leaders and taking on the occasional Bridge Pastor position. EG: Zoom FaithChurch for Church Workers, etc.
  • The Hosted Voices: Producing podcasts, trainings, and webinars. EG Planned Clifton Strengths seminars, BRC & Friends, etc. 

The Ask — you are invited to be part of this new season in my life and ministry! For the past decade+ I have held positions that gave supported much of the free labor and work that I have offered to the great community. My recovery from long-Covid and subsequent reflection about my future no longer makes this possible. Your support will be a generous gesture of support for the work I have always done, but because I am no longer “employed” by anyone it is also a gesture of valuing what can offer in the future. Your monthly patronage, will not only offset this shift in employment, but it will help me to offer support and content to those who cannot always afford it.

At the end of the day, I still want to be generous with my voice, resources, perspective, experience, and expertise — it just simply no longer makes sense for me to offer it for free.

Please take a look at the Tiers, Rewards, and Goals as I hope you will find some contact that will be helpful in your own leadership, life, and ministry. I will add more rewards as the spirit moves, but here is a sample of some of the things that you will receive when you become a patron at various levels.

  • Patron-Only Communication
  • Early access to content
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Free Webinar Access
  • Patron-Only Weekly Word (Liturgy or Prayer)
  • Patron-Only Monthly Video Roundup
  • Mystery stickers and postcards
  • Instagram and Twitter Follow
  • Signed copy of, “In Defense of Kindness”
  • Signed copy of, “I Don’t See you as Asian”
  • Signed copy of, “Don’t be an Asshat”
  • Coaching Sessions: One-off or multiple 45-minute sessions.
  • Coaching Sessions: Monthly 60-minute sessions.
  • Private FB Group (At 100 Patrons)
  • Private Slack Group (At 100 Patrons)

I am excited about this next step, and I hope you will join me.

Thanks for your consideration!