I am grateful for being invited to speak and lead events at a variety of events over the years. From speaking before thousands of young people at Trinium Youth Conferences and Montreat Youth Conferences, to preaching at the Festival of Homiletics and the Presbyerian Chuch (USA), to teaching at seminaries, congregations, and non-profits, I am able to confidently teach and speak on issues of faith, politics, race, parenting, and/or technology.

PRICES: I understand that not all events and organizations can afford to bring folks in for events and gatherings. I also know that being away from home carries its own cost to my family and local communities that I serve. In addition to covering travel, room, and board, my standard speakings fees are $3,000 for up to six hours of presentation over two days time. After two days, there is an additional $750 per day. I ask for a 50% deposit at the time of agreement which is non-refundable if the event is canceled and fully refundable should I cancel.

DIVA STUFF: While I hope I am pretty easy to work with, I find being clear in my expectations us helpful. My preferred airline is Delta Airlines, car rental through Hertz, and accommodations at Hilton Hotels. I also expect white doves to scatter lavender rose petals before me as I leave my room each day. In extreme cases, gray doves will suffice.

DATE CHECK: The biggest obstacle to my being with you are dates. While there may be a few things not listed below, the following calendar is my confirmed and tentative travel schedule.

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