Over the past 25 years, I have had the privilege to speak and present in a variety of settings and on a variety of topics including technology, church culture, parenting, kindness, preaching, parenting, race, and politics.

I am grateful for every speaking invitation and chance to share what I am passionate about as well as for the opportunity to get to know others who share the same desire to make the world a better place.

NOTE: If your event or organization is not LGBTQIA+ affirming, does not have women in leadership, and/or does not seek diversity in its speaking roster, I am probably not willing to speak at your event. We can talk and I am not going to put you on blast, but I am not willing to lend my name to spaces that are not actively engaging intersectional work.

If you are still here, awesome!

Here are just a few of the gatherings where I have spoken, preached, or presented in the past.

PRICES: I understand that not all organizations can afford to bring folks in for events and gatherings. I also know that being away from home carries its own cost to my family and the local communities that I serve. At the bare minimum, I ask to be compensated at the same rate as previous speakers.

All arrangements are negotiable, but here is where I start:

  • Zoom Speaking: $500-1,000/hour depending on content needs.
  • In-Person Speaking:
    • Fees: $2,000 for up to four hours of presentation in a single day or $3,000 for up to six hours of presentation time over two days time and $750 for each additional day.
    • Lodging: The event will cover lodging at the event site or at a local hotel (Hilton preferred). As much as I love people, I need my introvert time, so I am not open to shared housing.
    • Food: I am not picky, but I do need to eat. The event will cover all food costs during the event as well as travel days. I love eating our at local eateries and def apprecaite inviations to join folks in exploring the local food scene.
    • Travel: The event will cover flight (Southwest preferred) and/or car rental (Hertz preferred). I will come in the day before and/or stay a day after to avoid early or late flights because I am old 🙂
    • Other expenses: I do not generally have many other expenses associated with my speaking, so any other expenses would be agreed upon beforehand.

I will invoice the event via PayPal, but can be paid via Paypal, Venmo, or Check.

EXAMPLE 1: In-Person, Three Days
(Up to eight hours of presentation time)
$3,000 + $750 = $3,750 + Travel and Housing

  • Thursday/Friday: I arrive by plane, car, or flying unicorn.
  • Friday: Intro and Session 1 (60-90 Minutes)
  • Saturday: Session 2 & 3 (120-180 Minutes)
  • Sunday: Final Session, Recap, and Evaluation (90 Minutes)
  • Sunday/Monday: Depart

EXAMPLE 2: Zoom Only
(Up to four hours of presentation time)
$2,500 + Virtual Snaps 🙂

  • Day 1: Intro, Session 1 & 2 (90-120 Minutes)
  • Day 2: Session 3 & 4 (120-180 Minutes)
  • Four hours max
  • All session can be recorded and shared via the organization.

DIVA STUFF: Before we do this, note that I also expect white doves to scatter lavender rose petals before me as I leave my room each day. In extreme cases, gray doves will suffice. </sarcasm>

DATE CHECK: The biggest obstacle to my being with you are dates. While there may be a few things not listed below, the following calendar is my confirmed and tentative speaking and travel schedule.

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