Cover of In Defense of Kindness, white with rainbow heart.

I know that every author says that they are humbled by the endorsements offered for their writing, but seriously, I am.

The “Kindness Industrial Complex” is going strong, so I am so grateful that some folks gave of their time to take a read and get what I am trying to do.

While In Defense of Kindness does not launch until March 16 here are some ways that you can Pre-order.

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“A simple, yet staggering work that examines a precious and rare commodity in this present world, In Defense of Kindness made me think hard about my own actions and attitudes in ways that were admittedly uncomfortable. Woven through with personal anecdotes, observations and memories, it’s not a “self-help” work, but a companion for self-awareness. Bruce’s book is deeply needed, and an essential jumping off point for the conversations that might actually heal our vast and jagged national divides.”–Jeff Yang, CNN columnist, cohost of the podcast They Call Us Bruce, and coauthor of the forthcoming book Rise: A Pop History of Asian America, from the Nineties to Now

In Defense of Kindness brings a much-needed message in a world filled with violence, intolerance, poverty, and racism. Organized into chapters that weave personal reflection and anecdotes with important topics like conflict, forgiveness, direct action, and institutional change, the book passionately and humorously argues that society suffers from a lack of kindness. Reyes-Chow does not indulge in nostalgic views of “gentler times” nor a definition of kindness that is simply about being nice to those you agree with (or even vehemently disagree with) but treats kindness as a serious balm for our personal and political lives and the social justice struggles of our day.” –Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Director of the Kairos Center for Religions, Rights, and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary and Co-Chair of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

“I love this book. I needed this book. And part of the reason I love it so much is I can tell Bruce wrote it because he needed it, too. Instead of feeling preached at or judged because I don’t really feel like being kind these days, Bruce made me chuckle and made me feel like it’s okay that I feel that way, and helped remind me that maybe kindness is part of how we fight injustice. (Oh, spoiler: kindness and justice are complimentary, not antithetical. That was good news also.)”–Sandhya Rani Jha, founder and director of the Oakland Peace Center and author of Liberating Love: 365 Love Notes from God

“Like a sinkhole, toxic masculinity has opened a chasm that threatens to swallow our world whole. Practiced by men and women; conservative and liberal; woke, wannabes and white nationalists alike, the devaluation of kindness promises power, but delivers destruction. With wit and heft Bruce Reyes-Chow’s In Defense of Kindness lights a candle and guides us out of the grift. Chow points the way to what our truest selves long for–to be well.”–Lisa Sharon Harper, author of The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right

“In an age where kindness is needed more than ever before, Bruce Reyes-Chow has given us a beautiful book weaving us back into community with each other. He reminds us of our deepest calling: to be kind…to ourselves, one another, and our world. The kindness that he outlines is not soft, wimpy, or weak. Kindness, according to Reyes-Chow, has passion, backbone, strength, vulnerability, courage, and relentless grace. Kindness is the fertile soil of our deepest transformation. I highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to make this world more kind, just, and generous.”–Cameron Trimble, executive director, Convergence 

“In this essential read, Bruce Reyes-Chow translates his life of living and teaching kindness into this powerful guide that reminds us of the importance of kindness in our daily lives. In a time of constant change, there could hardly be a more important lesson than this.”–Rohit Bhargava, bestselling author of Non-Obvious Megatrends  

“Through humor, personal story and gentle guidance, Reyes-Chow wins us over In Defense of Kindness, bringing us out of our cynicism and doubts to believe and choose a life of kindness. With concrete suggestions for everyday situations, from family to street protest, the book illuminates that a brave kindness wields the power to transform.”– Deborah Lee, executive director, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity 

“At a time of profound discontent across the country, Bruce Reyes-Chow challenges readers to re-image the power of kindness as a way of being in the world. Using personal stories and self-deprecating humor, the author demonstrates how kindness is a powerful resource for personal growth and radical social change.”–Susan E. Young, Director for Religious and Spiritual Life, Occidental College

“Reyes-Chow not only offers excellent insights in this book, delivered with his usual cheeky wit and disarming authenticity, he also assigns practical homework at the end of each section to help us bridge the gap between pondering kindness and actually working out our kindness muscles. Highly recommended.”–David LaMotte, songwriter and author of Worldchanging 101: Challenging the Myth of Powerlessness

“A book on kindness seems like swimming upstream right now — but it’s good medicine for what ails us. I appreciated the encouragement and the thoughtful reflection about what kindness might look like in different arenas of life. All with an enjoyable dose of playful humor. Well worth the brief time it takes to read it.”–Alexia Salvatierra, Assistant Professor of Integral Mission and Global Transformation, Fuller Theological Seminary and co-author of Faith-Rooted Organizing: Mobilizing the Church in Service to the World

“Choosing kindness is a difficult yet life-giving decision. Thankfully, Bruce Reyes-Chow has written a helpful guide for all of us on this journey. He invites us to defend the human dignity of all people and orient our lives accordingly. This book will make a difference in the lives of its readers and our communal life as well.” –Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, author of Just Faith: Reclaiming Progressive Christianity 

“In an age when bullying behavior is so pervasive–whether in playgrounds, pulpits, or from political leaders–Bruce Reyes-Chow calls for a return to kindness. With self-reflective honesty and vulnerability, he shows us what a life of kindness entails. From the personal sphere to the public square, In Defense of Kindness challenges us to look at relationships through the lens of dignity and respect and engage in behaviors that center kindness as a radical act that honors the humanity of us all.”–Bishop Karen Oliveto, Mountain Sky Conference, The United Methodist Church

“We strive to teach our children to be kind, but how do we navigate a world that has increasingly lost its faith in the value of kindness? In Defense of Kindness is a thoughtful, introspective, and timely exploration of what it means to actively choose kindness as a political and personal principle – a much-needed salve as we emerge out of the darkness of the last four years and take a healing step towards a brighter (and hopefully, kinder) future. –Jenn Fang, founder, Reappropriate 

“Bruce beautifully brings into focus a much-needed cause for each of us to champion. An antidote for our current malaise. Choosing kindness can be quite complex. This is a simple yet heroic book much like kindness can be a simple yet heroic act in itself.” –Darren A. Kawaii, Educator/Activist

“In this timely book, Bruce Reyes-Chow shows just how much kindness affects our whole way of being and offers practical and relevant ways for healing our world’s divisions and conflicts, as well as deeply personal relationships. What an important, authentic, and inspiring reminder to appreciate kindness and dare to incorporate it once again into our daily living!”–Janie Spahr, PC(USA) minister and LGBTQ+ activist

“In an age in which meanness is not only encouraged but celebrated, Bruce Reyes-Chow provides a healing balm. With humor, honesty, wisdom, and practical advice, In Defense of Kindness will help you discover the hopeful, courageous, and generous spirit that waits within every human heart.”–Mark Yaconelli, author of The Gift of Hard Things

“This book gives me hope. Bruce Reyes-Chow has crafted a guidebook for expanding and integrating the practice of kindness into everyday leadership for people of diverse backgrounds for all communities. Each chapter introduces a personal story and meaningful scenario with thoughtful prompts for deeper introspection and immediate action. In Defense of Kindness is a treat, a treatise, and a necessary call to action. This book is required reading for those aspiring to or practicing intentional leadership in our times.” –Julius Paras, curator, filamthropy

“Bruce is the companion and teacher I need to be a more loving spouse, parent, friend, and leader. His in-depth exploration of kindness is a tool we need to became the community we are called to be.”–Abby King-Kaiser, director, Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice, Xavier University

“Wielding kindness is a powerful, effective, impactful tool in your arsenal, far too important to be a bumper sticker for random acts. Bruce Reyes-Chow has considered the implications of intentional kindness and created a comprehensive how-to guide for recognizing the opportunity and benefits of factoring in kindness in our lives — making critical decisions, building a positive foundation, building team cohesiveness and keeping communities connected. In Defense of Kindness amplifies our mission of supporting leadership through sport and I can’t recommend it highly enough to our players, coaches and families.”–Scotty Kober, executive director, San Francisco Youth Soccer

“In a time when polarization and division seem to define our society, we need an honest talk about what kindness means. Through family stories, personal experiences, humor, and wisdom gathered over the years, Bruce turns the superficial understanding of kindness, turns it on its side, expands it, and shows us tangible ways to make it a way of life.”–Jeremy Wilhelmi, University Chaplain, University of the Ozarks